Over 1,000 Dead Whitefish in the Yellowstone River Counted So Far
By rowdyrob

Posted: August 17, 2016

The search is ongoing for further signs of what has grown to be a major problem for the Yellowstone River Whitefish Population.  Over 1,000 dead whitefish have been washed up on the banks and counted so far.  This is believed to be a light number as many more have probably been eaten or sank to the bottom.  Montana FWP is conducting multiple tests to try and find out what the cause of the mass whitefish killing may be.  Most of the fish have been found from Pine Creek to Carter’s Bridge.  The whitefish is a very good indicator of the overall health of the river, as they are native to the area, says FWP spokeswoman Andrea Jones.  This is a major reason why this is not taken lightly.


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