Eric Clapton Lands Biggest Salmon of the Summer During Recent Fishing Trip
By angelamontana

Posted: August 11, 2016

It turns out Eric Clapton not only likes to fish, but he also knows how to bring in the big ones!  Take a look at this article of his recent Iceland fishing trip from Amberjack’s website:

Weighing in at 28 pounds and with a length of 108 cm, Eric Clapton has landed the biggest salmon of the year on Iceland’s Vatnsdalsá river.

The fish took him a kilometer downriver before his guide was able to net it, not unlike this guy. That day on the river, the team from Vatnsdalsá managed to land 11 salmon, with two over 100 cm including Clapton’s. The legendary guitarist hooked the salmon two and half hours before he was actually able to land it. The pair traveled through four pools together during their epic fight. It was hooked on a size 14 Nighthawk. Undoubtedly the fish of a lifetime. Congratulations Eric!

Good to see this guitar legend out there enjoying the outdoor while catching some huge fish!