Captain’s relatives have Black Jaw Fever! Is there a cure?
By angelamontana

Posted: August 8, 2016

The Captain is fishing Chinook salmon at Fort Peck Reservoir. He is joined by his lovely girlfriend Berny and some relatives. Brother Dan Ward and his son Jonny from Bryant of South Dakota are with the Captain. Sister Deb Frost and her husband Tim from Rapid City, South Dakota are fishing with the Captain, and Bryan Pietig also from South Dakota is fishing with Dan and Jonny.

They all have Black Jaw Fever…and there is no cure, but you can ease the fever by catching a Chinook salmon. And that they have! The group has boated 13 salmon so far 6 on Sunday and 7 on Monday.
The Captain reported that catching salmon only made their Black Jaw Fever worse.  Salmon are coming off downriggers and dipsy divers at 80 feet. Biggest fish of 18.5 pounds and the smallest 7 pounds..Also lots of lake trout were caught.

They will continue their Black Jaw Fever medication (Fishing) for a couple more days!!!!!!!

(Feature photo of Deb Frost)