Fishing Tips at their Best!
By angelamontana

Posted: August 25, 2016

Jason Howard, of Bozeman, recently asked the Captain for some salmon fishing tips in Lakeridge at the Fort Peck Reservoir.  The pictures he posted tell everything about how good the tips were.  After Jason sent his result pictures to The Montana Outdoor Radio Show, the Captain, in turn, asked Jason for fishing tips.  Here is what Jason reported this past Sunday:

We did our best fishing with a green flasher and that green lure you showed me with the tuna trick soaked in squid oil. All the big boys where caught between 110-130′ in 180′ of water. Friday afternoon was awesome, Saturday morning was good but died in the afternoon. Not one fish yesterday afternoon. We didn’t go out this morning, had to hit the road. Thanks again! We’re hoping to get back up there in 12 days.


Great work, Jason!  We look forward to seeing more fishing pictures from your upcoming trip on Labor Day weekend!

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