Latest Whitefish Report a Mixed Bag
By angelamontana

Posted: August 19, 2016

Here’s our most recent whitefish report for Flathead Lake from Jim Vashro:

This week has been a mixed bag. A friend fished Elmo on Sunday, reported lots of boats and a poor bite.

On Monday I fished Woods Bay with friends. We had just a few hits, lost one whitefish at boatside. Found some bait balls but couldn’t locate whitefish. Fished all around the point and into the bay. There was another boat there, they headed for the delta where they caught a few whitefish.

Tuesday fished Elmo. About 15 boats there, occasional whitefish caught but not a strong bite. We checked around the A-frame, the point north of Big Arm and around the Big Arm side, picked up a stray whitefish here and there but no solid bite. We finished with about 20 for 3 of us in 4 hours. The ½ oz. dark green Rattlesnakie seemed to work best.

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