A Montana Gem (with Colonel Smoothbore) 8.14.16
By angelamontana

Posted: August 14, 2016

rvMontana is rich in natural resources; gold, silver, timber, coal, copper, sapphires, and of course the red ruby. But not all of Montana’s rubies are red. The beauty of the Ruby River Valley is one of our state’s great gems and the Ruby Valley Gun Club is a part of that lovely locale.

rv2The Ruby Valley Gun Club is situated north of Sheridan and a couple of miles south of Twin Bridges just off Highway 287. The club was once located closer to Sheridan but moved to its present location in rv12010. RVGC has been hosting ATA trap tournaments for three years and I attended this year’s event a couple of weeks ago. It was lots of fun. About 40 competitors enjoyed 90 degree weather, great comradery, and some terrific barbequed food. Targets were great, and the RVGC hosts made all of us feel very welcome, not unusual for us Montanans. Why heck, I even saw Bill Camus smile.


The RVGC has 4 new and very nice trap fields. It also has a couple of rifle and pistol ranges. The clubhouse and restroom facilities are first class. This shooting complex also has the added benefit of sitting at the base of the wondrous Tobacco Root Mountains. For more information go to: https://www.facebook.com/Ruby-Valley-Gun-Club-693663404022287/

rv6If you have never been to the Ruby Valley you owe it to yourself to go; believe me you won’t be disappointed. Take a little extra time and tour Virginia City and Nevada City. Both are home to some of the earliest and bloodiest history Montana has to offer. One can also travel a few miles in any direction and see other historical and natural areas and points of interest. Lots to do in the Ruby Valley. Besides the great shooting offered by the RVGC, there is also a lot of great fishing and hunting in the area.

I really enjoyed shooting at the RVGC. Had some great BBQ and even won a couple of bucks. I’ll be back again next year; hope you can join me and enjoy another of Montana’s gems.

Be safe and good shooting.

Colonel Smoothbore


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