Private Lands Public Wildlife to Meet Aug 15-16
By Toby Trigger

Posted: August 7, 2016

Governor Steve Bullock has appointed a new Private Land/Public Wildlife (PL/PW) Council effective February 5, 2016.

Council Charge

Under 87-1-269 MCA, the Governor is required to appoint a committee of persons interested in issues related to hunters, anglers, landowners, and outfitters, with a focus on evaluating and reporting back to the Governor and legislature regarding existing hunting and fishing access enhancement programs and other issues related to private lands and public wildlife.

Council Process

The PL/PW Council meets periodically during the year at various locations around the state. Council recommendations are developed with public input solicited during the process of developing final recommendations. Annual reports are typically issued in a December February timeframe. Meetings are open to the public, with public participation scheduled for specific times during the meeting. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks provides staff assistance to the Council. Current FWP staff liaison to the PL/PW Council is Hank Worsech, License Bureau Chief.

Council Meeting Schedule

The next meeting is scheduled to be held in Helena at Holiday Inn Express (3170 N Sanders Street) August 15-16, 2016.