The ‘How To Smoke Fort Peck Salmon’ from Berny and Hi-Country
By angelamontana

Posted: August 1, 2016

So you have caught some of those hard fighting Chinook salmon out of Fort Peck. What to do with them now?

If you like smoked fish, Chinook are excellent smoked. Berny, the Captains girlfriend, with the help of Jim Johnson’s Hi-Country Wild Trout Brine have a great recipe for you. The instructions are in every box of fish brine on how to prepare your salmon. We have taken a photo of the basic directions. Berny adds 2 cups of orange juice and a 1/2 a cup honey to the brine. Make sure you dissolve the honey into warm water before adding to the brine. She also adds some course ground pepper to the salmon too! She uses a propane fired Smoke Vault that she got from Bob Wards.

Berny recommends to soak in brine for 48 hours and smoke for up to 6-7 hours at 175 degrees. (the time smoked depends on how big the salmon are that you catch out of Fort Peck)
Hopefully the directions and pictures below will help you through the process:

Make sure you purchase Johson’s Hi-Country Rocky Mountain Wild Trout Premium Brine Mix


Here are the instructions that come in the box along with the smoker schedule


Get the smoker ready!


Set your fish on the racks and get everything prepared to close the door and start the smoking process!


If you think these look good now, just wait until they are smoked!


Ta da! Now you have the tastiest smoked Fort Peck Chinook thanks to Berny and Hi-Country!