Surplus Licenses and Permits Still Available (but going fast)
By Toby Trigger

Posted: August 13, 2016

Nearly every year the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks has left over licenses and permits for antlerless deer, elk and antelope.  A few still remain for specific areas in the state.  Here is a Break down of what’s left as of August 12, 2016:

DEER B – Antlerless Deer

Unit 07-03  has 4026 licenses available for MULE DEER

Unit 299-00 has 18 licenses available for WHITE TAILED DEER

Unit 599-00 has 293 licenses available for WHITE TAILED DEER


ELK B -Antlerless elk

Unit 004-00 has 955 available for elk

Unit 315-01 9 has 540-00 available for elk

Unit 395-00 has Antlerless 30 available for elk

Unit 798-01 has Antlerless 77 available for elk

Unit 311-00 has Antlerless 338  available for elk

Other Licenses and Permits Availible

Available starting August 8, 2016.  See regulations for specifics on districts listed. 
Antelope Doe/Fawn Region 3 – Prerequisite:  Either sex antelope license obtained through special drawing.  Eligible only for doe/fawn in same district as either sex license.       Cost:  Res.  $14.00    NR – $200.00

District  Quota  

1                 360-20
Limit per hunter  Offered to successfuls in  341-30

District        Quota

188                    1


Deer B  RGN 7 2nd Antlerless WT (Res Only)

Prerequisite:  Conservation, Base Hunting and any single region WT.   

Region            Cost          Quota         Limit            

007-01            $10              1700              1
Surplus Turkey License –  Prerequisite:  Conservation, Upland Bird and Base Hunting License.    Cost:  Res. –  $6.50    NR   –  $57.50 (or $115 without the purchase of Upland Bird)

District          Quota                Mineral County

282-50                117


Licenses available through FWP hunting license sales agents or at FWP regional headquarters.

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