Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors 9.23.16
By angelamontana

Posted: September 23, 2016

Bozeman Fishing

Gallatin-366cfs-Because of the cooler weather the fish have moved into shallower softer water. The main fly right now is a medium sized Rubberlegs pattern. The dry fly fishing is pretty technical with pseudo baetis but mohoganys and October caddis have been spotted. Another week of this weather and they should start to hatch. Swinging a smaller darker streamer can work as well though the streamer bite isn’t in full swing yet.

Flies- parachute adams #16-18 flash purple haze #16-18 elk hair caddis #12-14 october caddis #12-14 Double bead hares ear #8-10 pats stone #10 CH black bugger #4

Lower Madison-1130 cfs- With mohoganys and October caddis not truly hatching yet your best bet is a crayfish attractor nymph rig. Swinging soft hackles over weed beds and holes will raise a few fish. The streamer bite isn’t fully active yet swinging and twitching smaller patterns can work day to day.

Flies- BWO #18-20 october caddis #10-12 Mcrawdad #8-10 hares ears #14-18 hot head power worm #8-12 gray zonker #8 olive wooly bugger #8-10

Upper Madison-871- If you’re looking to fish dries your options are getting pretty limited. Ants, beetles and baetis work still but a nymph rig option for a hookup. The streamer fishing is off and on. Try throwing a baitfish pattern before one of these next storm fronts

Flies- BWO #18-20 Silver lightning bug #18-20 purple prince #16-18 copper john red #16-18 barely legal olive/white; black dungeon; gray sculpin

Yellowstone-1630cfs- The only section closed on the river is between emigrant FAS and Pine creek FAS (River now entirely open-click here). Pods of fish have been rising for baetis but a nymph rig is still the most effective setup. Try a Rubberlegs on botton and an emerger pattern on top. Streamer fishing has been pretty decent early and late with dark colors.

Flies- BWO#18-20 Griffiths nat #18-20 orange stimulator #12-14 black copper john #16-18 pats Rubberlegs #8-10 prince nymph #16-18 black dungeon black sculpin circus peanut black

Butte Fishing

The big hole has steadily improved the past few weeks with much needed rain and cooler temperatures. Whitefish have been hitting size 16 purple haze on the upper end of Wise River canyon near Dickey Bridge. Rainbow and brown trout have shown great action on stripped streamers and grasshoppers.

The upper Ruby has been good fishing the past few weeks. Panther Martin lures size 9 in gold or salamander patterns are good choices. Size 8 or 10 orange and yellow foam hoppers for fly fishing is a good bet.

The Jefferson River has reopened to fishing and the water levels are coming up. Recent rains and discontinued irrigation have improved fishing conditions greatly. Panther martin lures in various colors and patterns are go-to lures on the Jefferson. Caddis patterns and golden stone fly nymphs are working well on the brown trout and rainbows. Brown and gold size 5 or 7 Rapalas are always a good bet.

The Beaverhead River  has been down due to moss and muddy conditions.

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