Captain Wraps his Last week of Salmon Fishing on Fort Peck
By angelamontana

Posted: September 1, 2016

The Captain spent the week 8/22 on Fort Peck fishing salmon. He was joined with his brother from South Dakota on Monday and they caught six salmon. Tuesday and Wednesday it was high winds that got the best of them as they were kept of the lake.Thursday Joe Moline from Lewistown joined Dan and the Captain. They boated 7 salmon with the first five coming in at 80 feet..

On Friday Dan, Joe, and the Captain jumped on Bill Zahradka boat for a fun day of fishing. The fishing was slower in the morning but they ended up with 4 salmon. On Saturday the slow fishing continued as brother and law Tim Frost and his son Mike joined the Captain. They caught 3 salmon. The first 2 were at 80 feet and the last salmon at 110 feet.
Sunday was better for Tim, Mike and the Captain as they boated five salmon and lost a big one at the end of the day, as the mighty fish snapped the line. All the fish caught on Sunday were caught in 110 feet of water.  Most of the fish were caught with two set-ups of an 11-inch flasher and Brad’s cut bait which are picture.