HEY, HEY, HEY OLD BAY! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: September 8, 2016

imageThe smell and flavor of Old Bay seasoning blend is simply the best! When I first moved to Montana, Old Bay was not available in the stores. Friends would include a can of the flavorful spice blend in my yearly care packages.

Old Bay is most famous on steamed crabs and seafood. The combination of spices includes celery salt, celery seed, red and black pepper, and paprika. The can includes recipes for crab cakes, fish, and shrimp. Old Bay’s flavors are also great on chicken, salads, and pretty much anything that needs a bit of love to spice up the flavor.

Bloody Marys are wonderful when spiced with Old Bay. Grilled fish and vegetables also welcome a sprinkle of Old Bay.

Marylanders can smell a steamed crab spiced with Old Bay a mile away. Many of us would enjoy a perfume or cologne that shared this wonderful smell. Local snack manufacturers are now adding Old Bay to chips, crackers, and cheese puffs….yum! I even saw an advertisement for candles with an Old Bay added scent!

A little bit of this spice blend goes a long way to enhance food flavors. Fresh sweet corn is amazing when buttered and coated with Old Bay. French Fries and chicken wings “get kicked up a notch” when Old Bay is used. Even popcorn has a great flavor when Old Bay is applied.

My hunting camp pantry always contains a can of Old Bay. It goes on everything and sits on the table for everyone to use.

Marinating meat is also an Old Bay application. Use equal parts of cheapo red wine, olive oil, and a few tablespoons of Old Bay to add zip to your meat. Loins, roasts, meat loafs, fajitas, and soups are all better with Old Bay in the mix.

Old Bay is made in Hunt Valley Maryland by McCormick and Co., but seems to be available everywhere now, even in Montana. Spice up your menus today!

“Please pass the Old Bay Please!”

Montana Grant
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