13 Year-Old Bags First Bull by 8am on Opening Day
By angelamontana

Posted: October 25, 2016

Mike Violette, an avid sportsman and native Montanan, tagged his Montana bull elk during archery season, but he is all about helping friends by cow calling and/or packing out their kills.   During this particular trip, Violette’s friends, Leng and his 13 year-old son, Dimarcus, both from Frenchtown, were looking for elk for Dimarcus.  Well, they found the elk, and Dimarcus has one heck of a bull–especially for his first one!  Oh, and all of this was done by 8:00am on opening morning of Montana’s general rifle season!

Here’s the awesome story, in Violette’s words, that shows how awesome it is to get kids out there hunting, fishing and trapping:

We rode up on horses and got off. Pretty dark so we sat around for a few minutes and I look across to the ridge a couple hundred yards and think hmm that looks elky. Pull up the Binos and sure enough there they are. Wayyy to dark to see antlers so we keep watching.

I cow call since they didn’t have diaphragms. They work up the ridge and we watch them cross and still can’t see antlers . So we HAUL a$$ and run about 400 yards to get to where we want to.

Me and Dimarcus wait in a saddle where we could see real good and leng was going to work around the knob to see if he could get them to go by us. Me and D are sitting there and shit here they come. I cow call and the bull stops broad side at 100 and I tell D to give it to him and Boom!! They move off so we run over to the side of the hill and here comes the cows follows by the bull and I really start calling and the bull stops and boom boom!!

Then he’s outta bullets and I have to run way up the mountain to the rain coat where D left the bullets!  I haul a$$ back, and Leng didn’t see the bull yet but knew he was down, so he went and got the horses, and me and D snuck down and found him dead. It was so AWESOME!!!


Congratulations to Dimarcus on bagging such an incredibly beautiful bull!  Thank you to Mike Violette for sharing this awesome story!