Arby’s Is Serving Deer Sandwiches
By Kamp Cook

Posted: October 29, 2016

With how my hunting seasons have been the last few years, it is probably good that a fast food chain will be serving venison. I have had the worst luck getting a critter, and getting drive thru after a hunt is always such a shame. In honor of hunting season, Arby’s is serving venison for a limited time.

According to ABC7 in Chicago

The fast-food restaurant said it’s venison sandwich features a thick-cut venison steak topped with crispy onions and a juniper berry sauce served on a toasted specialty roll.

The unfortunate part for me, is the sandwiches will only be available in 17 restaurants. None which are anywhere near here. The Venison sandwiches will begin being served starting in November, and you can find them in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Georgia.

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