Donations Sought for ‘Hunters Against Hunger’ Game Processing
By Toby Trigger

Posted: October 9, 2016

In an article published by the MTFWP recently, the state agency wants to let hunters know that anyone purchasing a Montana hunting license has an opportunity to also make an on-the-spot donation to Hunters Against Hunger.

“A Montana law allows individuals to make a contribution that will help the Montana Foodbank Network to process donated wild game for free distribution by Montana food banks to help feed people in need,” said Ron Aasheim, spokesman for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks in Helena according to the article.

When one purchases or applies for a deer, elk, antelope, or bison license or permit the license provider will ask if he or she wishes to donate to Hunters Against Hunger, Aasheim said.

FWP collected $63,000 from hunters in 2015.  The funds are channeled through the Montana Foodbank Network to help pay for butchering and distribution of donated processed game.

The minimum donation is $1. Donations can also be made along with online hunting license purchases. Visit FWP on line at Click “Buy a License.”


(The original article was published by Montana FWP at