Grizzly Caught and Moved in the Yaak
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: October 11, 2016

On October 10th 2016, FWP captured a 285-lb 3-yr old male grizzly bear in the Upper Ford area of the Yaak after the bear entered a chicken coop and fed on a large amount of grain. The homeowners alerted FWP immediately and the Bear management Specialist loaned them an electrified fence to secure their chicken coop. A trap was also set and the bear was captured within 12 hours.  The bear was GPS collared and relocated in the upper Spread Creek drainage in the Yaak the morning of October 11th.  The capture of this grizzly bear is only the second grizzly bear to be captured for management reasons in the Cabinet-Yaak recovery area in 2016.


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks encourages residents to use electric fencing to secure their small livestock from bears and other wildlife. Information on using electric fencing to secure attractants can be found at


For more information, contact Kim Annis, FWP Cabinet-Yaak Bear Management Specialist, at 293-4161 or 291-1320.


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