Marbled Wild Deer Meat? Yup.
By Toby Trigger

Posted: October 29, 2016

Harry Smash looked over a group of mule deer bucks on opening weekend and one stood out like a line backer on a basketball team.

Four out of five were lean and sported nice racks but one was wide bodied, with a neck so big it looked almost as if he didn’t have one.  That’s the one he decided to level his crosshairs on.  A few minutes later he was quartering the buck and Montana law requires that hunters leave evidence of sex attached.  That’s when Harry Smash noticed something.  The buck didn’t have testicles.


The meat from this buck is marbled and delicious.


Pictured here is the scrotum of the mule deer buck from Harry Smash’s buck that did not have testicles. This is rare but when it happens the meat form the buck is delicious and often marbled like beef.

At the game check station he learned from a Biologist that this was the second buck checked in that weekend with no testicles.  When this happens the bucks don’t produce testosterone  and the meat is often marbled like a beef cow.

Have you ever heard of this?  Let us know!


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