Montana Trappers Continue to Educate
By Toby Trigger

Posted: October 16, 2016

The Montana Trappers Association has been more visible in the past few years than they were during the organizations nearly forty years of existence.

“Trappers will continue to educate the public about the benefits of trapping for public health and safety even after we defeat ballot issue 177.”  Said Toby Walrath President of the MTA now serving his second term for the Association.

Animal rights activists are pushing their agenda to ban all animal use in Montana with I-177 which Montana voters will vote on in November.


The MTA was set up with the famous Montana Trappers Cabin display, furs and unavoidable opposition to  I-177 with banners and flyers during the Fall Festival held at Trapper Peak Outfitters on Saturday Oct 15th.

Most people in Montana support hunting, trapping and fishing and oppose animal rights activists.

The MTA is going to make sure that support continues by keeping furs, trappers and education visible all over the state.

“Vote NO on I-177” Said John Wilson to hundreds of visitors throughout the day.  Wilson is the District 2 Director of the MTA and dedicated trapper.

“We are asking people to just say no.”