October Fishing, Is it the Best?
By Toby Trigger

Posted: October 1, 2016

Everyone is hunting except you who has a few minutes on this fine October day to explore peopleless waters in Montana.  Lucky you.

 Here’s four more reasons that October is the best month to fish.

  1. Temperature.  Water temps are coming down, and air temps are perfect.  You can wear a long sleeved shirt in the morning and a tee shirt all afternoon.  Yup, the temps below and above the water are one good reason to fish in October.
  2. Dog Days of Summer are over.  That means that even though the temps are dropping everywhere the fishing is really heating up.  The bite is on man,  go fishing.
  3. Do you hear that?  Yeah, me neither.  It’s quiet.  There are like two maybe three boats on the water and all the annoying teens in float tubes are back in school.  Ahhh… quiet… Nice isn’t it?
  4. Bugs? What Bugs?  Yup… I said it.  No bugs. At least not the kind that “bug” you.   All the insects out in October are so benign you’ve got to be a bugologist to even notice.  No mosquito slapping, bee dodging hand gestures scaring the fish away.


October’s the best.  No one seems to care once hunting season comes but man are they ever missing Montana’s best season.

Get out there, it’s awesome.