2016 Winter Elk Shoulder Season Facts
By angelamontana

Posted: November 27, 2016

Key points for hunters to remember:

• Season timing and lengths will be tailored to each hunting district, so know your regulations.

• Shoulder seasons will be focused on antlerless elk found primarily on private land.

• Hunters can typically use their general season elk license, antlerless elk permit or an elk B license, depending on the hunting district. Hunters need to check the regulations for each district.

• Hunters should start early establishing contacts and building relationships with landowners who may offer access for shoulder season hunts.

• A shoulder season is a firearms season that occurs outside the 5-week general rearms season. The seasons focus on antlerless elk harvest on private land and are not intended to replace or reduce harvest during the existing general archery and 5-week general firearms season.

• In order for shoulder seasons to be effective, everyone must work together – FWP, landowners and sportsmen.

• Hunters can use their General Elk License or Elk B License, obtained through a limited drawing or over-the-counter (OTC), depending on the hunting district.

Application deadline for limited B Licenses is June 1. OTC and any surplus B Licenses are available for purchase beginning August 8. Check for availability at fwp.mt.gov.


*Some licenses are not valid in all hunting district portions or for all shoulder season dates as described. See individual hunting regulations

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