How devoted are you to elk hunting? (Brett French Show Preview)
By angelamontana

Posted: November 11, 2016
Have you missed an anniversary or maybe a loved one’s birthday to go elk hunting? Maybe a long-distance relative came to visit that you haven’t seen in ages and you said, “Sorry, but I’ve got an elk hunting trip planned.” Well, Billings Gazette journalist Jordon Niedermeier took an equally bold stance when he chose to go on a seven-day wilderness elk hunt the same week that his beloved Chicago Cubs baseball team was in the World Series.
Having the Cubs in the World Series was an event he’d waited for since he first became a baseball fan. He even took the week of the Series off just in case the Cubs made it. But at the last moment he chose to go elk hunting instead, in a place where he couldn’t even get a radio signal or cellphone update on the Cubs.
See how he struggled with this decision and the outcome of his elk devotion in this week’s Billings Gazette Outdoors section at