Lance Jones Bags Bull at Over 750 Yards!
By angelamontana

Posted: November 16, 2016

Lance Jones, of Stevensville, got himself a nice bull this year!  Not only is Lance an avid outdoorsman, a skilled long-range shooter and a gun enthusiast in general, but he puts a lot of effort into keeping in shape for hunting and scouting season!  Congratulations on your nice bull, Lance!!!

Barely got this one before he got into the trees…

It was maybe ten minutes into shooting light that morning, but overcast. It was really difficult to make out brow tines through the scope or even through binos. He walked right in front of a rock i had just ranged at 753 yards. Finally I could see brow tines after zooming in and out 20 times, and Jerry Doyle cow called really loud across the canyon. When I shot, he did a half circle and made it twenty yards, then took two steps back and rolled.

Lots of hooping and hollering and laughing for the celebration. We went out and got Jerry’s son Wyatt to go back in for the pack out. We have done some walking this year, no doubt. Hopefully we can get a couple more tags filled soon.

Nice work, and congrats on putting meat in the freezer!