Man Re-Lives Charging Grizzly Bear Near Livingston – His Story
By rowdyrob

Posted: November 29, 2016

A 29 Year old Livingston Man set out early morning on November 17th to go elk hunting with his friend and son.  Justin Souza  was alone while following a trail in the mountains around Emigrant when he discovered a sleeping grizzly in the middle of the trail, only 10 yards away.  The grizzly did not stay asleep for long.  While Justin was back pedaling, the bear woke and started  to trudge up the hillside away from the group.  Justin, relaxed, then took his phone out to capture a video of the grizzly walking the other way when all of a sudden in turned and charged at Justin full speed.  At 30 yards and closing fast, Justin dropped his phone, raised his Winchester Magnum Rifle, took a knee and fired off four rounds with the final shot killing the giant male Grizzly.

Justin is a guide for Montana Elk and Trout and quickly reported the incident to authorities who found the bear was boar.

Read the full Missoulian Article here

Photo of Justin Souza courtesy of the Missoulian



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