Mule Deer Success in Big Sky Country [PICS]
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 5, 2016

A father and son’s first mule deer hunting experience, enjoying time afield with friends, a wall tent under the Big Sky, and bucks, lots of bucks.  Isn’t that why we hunt here?

Last week all of those scenarios played out in just one hunting camp.  Montana residents Harry Marvin and Thad Lucas invited friends and family to enjoy some east Montana deer hunting and they got the experience they were looking for.

Congratulations on a great week!


Thad Lucas (left) and his Dad Treves with their first mule deer.


Justin Watts packing meat and horns back to the truck.


Just Watts with his Montana Muley.


Scott Sayer with a dandy east Montana muley.


The first cut to quarter a buck.






Deer Camp!