Tails Up!!! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: November 2, 2016

imageThe doorbell rang early in the morning which sent the dogs into a barking frenzy! My neighbor was about to head out for a morning of striper fishing. The weather was finally cool, calm, and sunny. Last minute trips can often turn out for the best.

A quick stop at the gas station would fuel the “Fish Getter” center console boat. While waiting for the fill up, I found a penny laying in the lot. Every time I find a coin I try to remember if it is bad or good luck to pick up any coin that is tails or heads up. Since we going fishing, Tails Up seemed perfect for some good luck and I pocketed the lucky coin.

As we launched the boat, I told the Captain about the coin and why I felt Tails Up would be lucky. If not, then that penny would get deep sixed.

We saw feeding birds just a mile off the boat ramp. Lots of baitfish were swimming for their lives as the stripers and gulls were feasting on this Fall bounty. We were hooked up as quick as we cast. Stripers also known as Rockfish were living up to their reputation as strong fighters. Bigger fish made the reel’s drags scream. Our light line and rods were at their limits.

After one long run, I felt the front of my rod handle crack. The reel and rod were still in place so I just ignored the malfunction. Any rod or reel that breaks during battle is an honorable death. A repair could be made later.

Within three hours, we had our limits and it was time to head in. Many undersized fish were netted and safely released. Our 5 lb. keepers would make for great eating. It was a great Tails Up day of fishing.

Once back at the ramp, I brought up the Tails Up lucky penny and gave the coin to the Captain. “You may want to tape this to the console.” I am sure that we will be scanning the parking lots for another Tails Up coin before our next trip.

Tails up and Tight Lines!

Montana Grant
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