The Last Week
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 20, 2016

The snow stung my face in the early pre-dawn hours of the last day of General season a couple years ago.  I had hunted hard all season but couldn’t get it done.  I was feeling a bit defeated but my stubborness was about to pay off for once.

Just as the first morning glow began to reveal trees and jagged rocks I heard the clacking of hooves to my left.  Bulls, four of them walked in a straight line right in front of me at thirty yards.

At the report of my rifle the first bull dropped and slid off the steep embankment along the trail rolling in front of me, crossing the trail and finally stopping against a big blowdown.


Just like that, on the last day in the early morning hours and after a full season of hunting miles behind me, a 5 point bull lay at my feet.

If you’re hunting this week with unfilled tags in your pocket and feeling discouraged the best remedy is to go hunting!  This could be the week, the day – that a big bull or huge buck walks in front of you and your rifle.

Travis Packout Bull

Go hunting, because there really isn’t a downside to spending a day in the woods and that tag is burning a hole in your pocket like a 100 dollar bill – it’s time to spend it!  Get out there and good luck!