Tiber Reservoir Tests Positive for Invasive Mussels
By rowdyrob

Posted: November 9, 2016

FWP along with others have been trying to figure out if adult mussels are in Tiber Reservoir.  They got their answer.  Water samples from Tiber have tested positive for larvae to aquatic invasive mussels, marking the first positive test in Montana for the “Zebra Mussel”. Recent inspection in Tiber and Canyon Ferry have not turned up adult mussels, but fwp will be inspecting dams, marinas and other water goers.   Montana is making arrangements to bring in mussel detecting dogs that have been effective in Canada and other states to identify boats or watercraft containing the Invasive Species.  To learn more, click the fwp link below and please read the following bullets to help keep our water clean of unwanted species.

  • Clean you boat and equipment every time you use it, especially if you move it to a new location.
  • Drain all standing water, including any that may be left in the engine’s cooling system, live wells, and bilge areas.
  • Dry everything that has come into contact with water.



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