Waterfowl Numbers Looking Good
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 26, 2016

So far, the waterfowl season has appeared bleak at best, but what’s in our future?

According to the US Fish and Wildlife Annual Waterfowl Survey that was finalized in Aug 2016 the overall number of ducks is hovering around the long term average.  Interestingly, big Canada Geese numbers and Snow Goose numbers are quite high for the major flyways in Montana.

Warm weather in western Montana and Canada has not  pushed huge migrations south but the cold snap is coming soon.

 Rainy and unseasonably warm weather have resulted in holding back the steady flow through Montana but this may mean that when the “dam breaks” the numbers of waterfowl will flow in a major fashion.

The good news is that the hunting may be incredible, the bad news is that it might only last for a few days.

So what’s a hunter  to do?

Be ready!  Because when the skies fill with fowl there won’t be time to wait.  Keep your eye on the sky and your shotgun ready.  With warm weather conditions holding high numbers of ducks and geese at the Canadian starting line, the first cold snap is going to start a race toward the south.

Anyone standing in a duck marsh between those two points will be in a for fast action, just be sure to get in while the getting is good because it won’t lastt long.

Good luck!