Montana History: Christmas Time on a Stranded Steamboat
By angelamontana

Posted: December 27, 2016

Christmas is over, but here is a look at how some people in Montana celebrated Christmas back in the late 1800s. What a great story:

On a clear, cold Christmas Day in 1881, crew members of the stranded steamboat Helena celebrated on the Missouri River in central Montana.

The steamer had made a late start upriver with a load of grain for Fort Assiniboine, near present-day Havre. At a point now flooded by Fort Peck Reservoir, the Helena was blocked by ice and low water and had to tie up to wait for the floodwaters of spring.

On Christmas morning, the crew formed a hunting party and easily secured buffalo, deer and elk meat for a luxurious feast. All the delicacies on board were brought out by order of the captain. (Via the Missoulian)

(Photo via Great Falls Tribune)