Doyle’s Dog Is Awesome
By Toby Trigger

Posted: January 21, 2017

I was standing on a mountain for the second time this season listening to the sound of a barking hound.  This hound has already treed more lions half way through the winter season than some hounds will in two or three full seasons.

Her owner is a young and let’s just say, competitive guy.  This hound named Huckleberry often carries the day and has helped train my own young pups all season long.  While there are times when her owner pushes the upper limits of braggadocious temperament I have to hand it to ‘Ol Huck, if she’s barking – there’s a cat at the end of her stare.

Somewhere on a mountain amidst the baying of hounds and snow flying a request was made to write the words “Huckleberry is Awesome” in an article someday.  Well, after watching this hound perform track after track and season after season the statement isn’t just made from empty words, it’s an absolute fact.

Houndsmen couldn’t be houndsmen without hounds and good houndsmen can’t be good without good hounds.  A lot of things must go right in order to bring out the best hounds can produce.  Here’s a tribute to ‘Ol Huck – and I took some liberties there calling her that but it is after all my article…

The track is fresh and I know that it’s true

A beller just came from the throat of a walker that’s blue

The clip is let loose and she’ll make not a sound

She’ll follow that track in snow on the ground

She’ll keep the scent in her nose like sniffing a rose

Until the distance ‘tween hound and lion is closed

When from canyon walls her triumphant bark echoes

There’s no doubt this hound dog knows

The source of the scent is now in a tree

She’s telling everyone, that includes you and me

That tree is the place that she’s meant to be

The long race is over but she won’t want to leave

Her name is Huckleberry, a name you can’t weave

Into stories that disbelief cause

You’ll watch her run once ‘fore you take a moment of pause

Whether hounds you’ve seen many or maybe just saw some

I’m here to tell you that Huckleberry is Awesome –

Ode to Huckleberry the awesome hound – by T.L.Walrath