May the Forest be with You (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: January 24, 2017

Outside time is the best! Why people today spend so much time indoors is beyond me. The smell, sounds, and feel of a forest is just special. A unique power radiates from everything surrounding you amongst the trees and outdoor places.

Forests feel like home. Many of us have spent some of our best and worst moments in the forest. It does not matter if you are a hunter, fisherman, photographer, hiker, camper, or even a tree-hugger, forests stimulate your senses.

 Forests are a sanctuary where we go when we feel upset. Siting along a stream or overlook helps us to sort things out. The noises, crowdedness, and complexity of life becomes simplified in a forest. The moving water is smooth and relaxing. Wind moving the leaves and grasses also carries away our anxiety. The critters and freedom of a forest excite us to just be entertained and rest our hearts and minds.

Forests are a place where we celebrate and share our happiness. I asked my wife to marry me at a rock outcropping called Chimney Rock. Some wine, cheese, and French bread in my backpack made her choice simple. Baptisms, weddings, picnics, jogging, biking, and traveling in natures places are also wonderful. Everyone can recall special moments that they have had in forests. Maybe something as simple as a campfire, sunrise, or trees and branches coated in snow.

Forests also provide us with food, medicine, shelter and inspiration that fuels our spirits and bodies. No matter what religion you believe, nature makes us understand in a divine power beyond humans. The forests are so diverse, beautiful, and amazing that we must believe in something. There must be an amazing Force that created something so awesome.

Hunting and fishing in our forests is a ritual pilgrimage. Sitting silently in a tree stand or still hunting through forests requires you to absorb every sensual observation possible. Sounds, smells, and slight movements take on enhanced meaning.

Forests are not without risks. There are critters and dangers lurking along every trail. That is true in all of life. Dealing with forest risks is way more manageable and fun. There is always something new to learn and explore.

Forests are not Free! Each year we need to buy a ticket for entry. These hunting, fishing, camping permits, passes, and licenses are like giving to the church. Management and maintenance are required to maintain and protect our natural resources.

Leave only a footprint and take only a selfie! It is important to keep our forests clean and healthy. Others need these sanctuary’s. No one wants to visit a trashy, abused, and ruined campsite. Healthy forests are a monument to the quality of all life. Leave your paths better than you found them.

Some folks are too cheap to pay for a license, fee, or pass, saying that they will only use it a few times and it is way too expensive. These same people can easily drink, eat, or part with way more money at bars, restaurants or other one use venues. Passes for our forests can be used and reused for 365 days a year. That is certainly affordable and a great entertainment.

“Go where no one has gone before”, and enjoy!

Montana Grant

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