Owl Survives in Grill of SUV after Being Hit at 50 mph!
By angelamontana

Posted: February 10, 2017

Last Saturday, a coworker of Steve Giralt in Missoula grabbed Steve on the way into work to tell him that he had hit a bird the night before and wanted his help getting it out of his grill. Giralt went outside and proceeded to pull on it until it moved!

A talon swung past his hand, and, shortly after, an owl poked its head out!

That owl had survived a night driving around Missoula after getting hit going about 50 miles per hour!  Steve called the police (FWP wasn’t open on Saturday) who got a hold of a local raptor rescue program.  An official from the raptor rescue program was able to dislodge the owl and take it back for evaluation.

Wow.  now, THAT is a tough bird!  Check out the pictures below:

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