Summertime Fun in Montana–Food, Drinks and PIGS!
By angelamontana

Posted: February 20, 2017

The Bear Creek Downs Saloon and Steakhouse is known for some awesome drinks and phenomenal food, but that’s not all they are known for.  Every Thursday through Sunday from May through September(ish)–it varies–you can participate in gambling at their pig races!  The pigs wear different color bandanas and race in a circle for a treat consisting of delicious slop.  Mmmm.  If your pig doesn’t win, it’s all good, as proceeds from the gambling are donated to a local scholarship fund (see photo of a past scholarship winner below).  The races start at 7pm, but they suggest you call to verify, and there is no admission fee.

How’s that for some good ol Montana fun?  Check it out!

108 West Main Street
Bearcreek, MT