2017 AIS Announcement and Mack Days Information
By angelamontana

Posted: March 2, 2017

Mack Days Anglers:

Requirement to certify your boat as mussel-free to participate in  Spring Mack Days 

Recent discovery of zebra mussels in central Montana has elevated the need to reduce the risk of any Aquatic Invasive Species infestation in Flathead Lake. 

This is not a drill. It is a very serious concern.

All of us working together can protect the waters we fish and recreate in. 

Starting in 2017, all boats used in Mack Days Fishing Events must provide proof of inspection from an authorized inspector or be inspected by us before participation in the contest.

Fish will not be accepted from anglers fishing from an uninspected boat.

Mussel Information:

Adult female mussels reproduce rapidly-up to 1,000,000 larvae per spawning season with approximately 20,000 surviving for 5 years which means one adult female can reproduce up to 100,000 that survive

Mussels have spread to 29 states by hitching rides on boats and by moving through natural rivers, lakes, and streams, and man-made channels that become super highways for them,

They colonize on both hard and soft surfaces, from the water’s surface to more than 400 feet down, including boat hulls, propellers, anchors, docks, and boat trailers.

They coat submerged surfaces, such as piers, pilings, rocks, cables, boat ramps, docks, lines, pipes, etc. costing thousands and millions in maintenance

Zebra mussels are filter feeders having both inhalant and exhalant siphons. They are capable of filtering one liter of water per day while feeding on algae which strips the water of valuable nutrients

The cause havoc to the environment by disrupting the food chain by filtering the water column of phytoplankton and out competing other species, including sport fish and endangered species

Mussels change water conditions, causing heavier aquatic plant growth, oxygen loss, dangerous algae blooms that cause fish and bird kills

Mussels get into motor engine cooling systems causing overheating and damage to motors

Mussels ruin beaches- razor sharp shells wash up on beaches and become deep smelly piles

Mussels can survive for 5 days out of the water-up to 30 if it is cool and wet

Mussels clog irrigation intakes and other pipes


For some good information and to see how serious this treat is-go to the 100th Meridian Initiative www.100thmeridian.org  website and watch the video Don’t Move A Mussel

Pre-2017 Spring Mack Days Boat Inspection Arrangements

There are multiple ways to obtain an inspection:

1) Polson-Fisheries Office 8:00-3:30Monday 3/6 and 3/13

2) At the Blue Bay Fisheries Building between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, on March 7th, 8th, 9th,  14th, 15th, and 16th  also–calling for an appointment is not necessary but recommended

3) At the Somers Boat Ramp between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, on March 11th 

We will be prepared with several inspectors at Blue Bay on March 16th and 17th for those who wish to wait until the contest begins to get their inspections.

We will do inspections at Blue Bay throughout the event. Telephone 406-270-3386 to let us know you will require an inspection when you get to Blue Bay.

We remind all anglers if you are fishing from someone else’s boat the boat you are fishing from must be inspected. We will not accept fish from boat-anglers who have not received an inspection from the Mack Days inspection sites or from a state inspection site before fishing that day.

The Mack Days AIS Inspection does not replace the required state AIS boat inspection

Your best defense is always  WASH, CLEAN, AND DRY every time when bringing your boat out of the water or when moving your boat and trailer to any area INCLUDING all equipment, lines, anchors, live wells, etc. All plugs are to be out of drains when moving boats. Make sure your bilge and storage compartments are clean and dry. No mud or vegetation on the trailer or boat.

Don’t forget to get your registration for Mack Days in on or before March 15th to qualify for the Early Bird Drawing of $200-one prize


2017 SPRING MACK DAYS on Flathead Lake

Up to $225,000 in Cash and Prizes– varies depending on harvest
1-$10,000, 3-$5,000, & 5-$1,000 Tagged Lake Trout
plus Over 5,000 $100-$500 tagged lake trout

Sponsored by the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes
March 17th-May 14th

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday-competitive Mack Days-lottery, prizes, tagged fish and bonuses

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdaybonus days and tagged fish only

Pick your 18/27 best days FridaySunday to count for the lottery, top angler, and other prizes.




Bonus payouts –All anglers catching 10 fish or more will win. Bonus amount increases as totals increase-fish up to 51 days-go to the

website to see the bonus chart-as your total goes up your bonus goes up

Tagged Fish Category- over 6,000 tagged fish $100-$10,000

Lottery Prizes-$1,000-$100, Golden Angler Award (anglers

70 & over)-$200 & $100 plus 2 $50 drawings,                                                                                                                     

Captains Prize- 4-$250, Smallest Lake Trout- 2-$250,

Largest Lake Trout-$500 must be over 36” and 24lbs., Ladies Only-$300, $200, $100

Top 10 Angler Prizes: $700-$200 each, YETI Cooler-1 ticket for every 10 fish

Youth anglers (13-17)1st-$200, $150, $75, $50-4th & 5th (12 & under)-1st-$100, $75, $50

Weekend Prizes-9-$300 & $200- for each weekend

Bucket Fish Days-3/31,,4/22, & 5/7-mark your heaviest 4 lake trout-bucket weight-daily prize and overall prizes

Last Day Only Drawings-$300, $200, $100, & $100 plus $200 & $100 for heaviest lake trout under 30”


For more information go to www.mackdays.com

(via Cynthia Bras; Image via mackdays.com)