Is the Easter Bunny Pro Sportsman?
By Toby Trigger

Posted: April 16, 2017

The Easter Bunny is the most interesting figure on the long list of gift-giving-holiday celebrities.

As a young boy the contents of my Easter basket contained the usual things like peeps, chocolate rabbits and jelly beans.  But amidst all that artificial grass, and sweet stuff I would find spinners and spoons, new hooks and sometimes BB’s for my Red Ryder.  This makes me think that the Easter Bunny supports my sporting endeavors which seems coming from a forest animal.

This year that ‘Ol rabbit brought my son a hip quiver for his arrows and his basket was camouflaged.  This must mean that the Easter Bunny isn’t siding with the animal rights crowd just yet but the way things have been going lately I can’t help but worry.  I’m going to keep an eye on the gifts coming from the Easter Bunny just to make sure there aren’t any tofu rabbits replacing the solid chocolate varieties or green salads in lieu of sugar and chic shaped marsh mellows.

In the mean time, let us know what YOUR earliest memories of Easter Basket contained?  And what did your Kids or grandchildren find waiting for them this Easter morning?

We’re hoping it was fishing tackle, BB’s or arrows.  If it wasn’t let us know that too, we’ve got to make sure the Easter Bunny doesn’t turn green.  So far it’s looking good.

So what did you get?

Happy Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Easter !

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