Fishing Friends!! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: April 26, 2017

Fishing with friends is the best! Finding great friends, that can fish with you, is hard. As we age, our pool of fishing friends dwindles. Age, health, desire, death, and laziness creep into the picture. Not everyone is as willing to stand waist deep in the cold river, while fishing in the rain!

Every year is one less season to enjoy what we love. Fishing is just not as much fun alone.

Fishing friends last forever. It is amazing how a friendship is the same even after long gaps of seeing one another. The conversation and jokes continue as if we saw each other every day. Fishing Buddies are family that you get to choose.

The other day I met a dear friend for a day of trout fishing. We have stayed in touch, but do not fish together much anymore. Distance and chores of life have limited our time together. Great friends do not just shake hands, they do a “Brotha Hug”! Nicknames, memories, stories, and oh, a little fishing kicks into high gear.

Time has passed, and we may be a little grayer and older, but the feeling never changes. Great fishing friends are to be cherished and loved. It is harder to find a new fishing buddy than a life partner. It is never about a limit, just quality time with a great friend.

Time spent afield solves most of life’s challenges. Having a great friend to bounce ideas off, share stories, ask advice, or simply have a fun conversation with, is special. Being able to be truly honest, and open is rare for many. Counselors, psychiatrists, and churches are the crutch for some. For other’s it may be a bar, or Zumba class. For a fisherman, it is a day in a boat, on the river, or sitting by a pond solving the world’s problems, and keeping us centered. Life fishing is somehow better, and happier. Our youth re-emerges, and all is great again in the world.

My Buddy, and I fished side by side. Each of us caught many trout, and kept a limit.  The weather was grand and the fish were hungry. We parted with another hug, and promised to hook up again soon. When I got home, I sent him a recipe, and a note about how I enjoyed the day fishing together again.

Fish more, fish more often….and do it with friends!

Montana Grant

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