The Minimalists Fishing Kit
By Toby Trigger

Posted: May 28, 2017

Sometimes things happen like all your tackle boxes are in a different state when you show up to fish or uncle Joe left it on the tailgate and drove three hours before noticing.

So what to do in situations like these? Stop at a tackle shop and buy the bare minimum to get fishing without breaking the bank.

Recently a scenario like this left me to answer the question: What do I really need to fish today?

The plan was to fish for Kokanee and trout in morning and then maybe switch it up for bass in the afternoon.  My fishing party included my 5 year old son, my wife and a buddy of mine.

We had three rods, one boat and a lot of enthusiasm but no lures… here’s what we bought:

Three mepps spinners, two rooster tails  snap swivels, hooks, night crawlers.

What would you do with $20 in this situation? Let us know!