Trappers Art Too Cool Or Too Much?
By Toby Trigger

Posted: May 28, 2017

Every trapper in Montana looks forward to seeing a coyote firmly held in a trap.

That image of a successful catch is like a big bass on a hook or that moment when the arrow zips through the chest of a trophy buck.

Hunters, anglers and trappers try to capture those memories in different ways like taxidermy, paintings and sculptures.  This sculpture made of metal by way of various welding techniques shows a coyote in a foot hold trap that is held fast on a drag.

The caption reads “capture of the sheep killing coyote” .  The art is copyright stamped 05 McCloy and is designated as 1 of 1 on the underside by the artist.

This piece was purchased at the Montana Trappers Association Rendezvous in 2015.  It was sold as a “door stop” but it currently adorns a remote trappers cabin as a beautiful and unique decoration.

What do you think of this Too Much or Too Cool?


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