Upper Missouri River Report for Anglers and Campers 5.14.17
By angelamontana

Posted: May 15, 2017

Snagging action on the Upper Missouri River (White Tag Area) was very good all weekend w/ several first-timers achieving success. The river is continuing to rise. Current Flows are 14,900 cfs so the fish are traveling a little faster. Fresh runoff has massive amounts of shit in the water so be aware of debris large and small. Baitfishing kind of tanked across the board w/ the influx of colder, murkier water. Campgrounds have cleared out for the weekend so room is plentiful. Forecast says rain for midweek so be cautious and if we get soggy, don’t go past the gravel.

(Report by Glenn Siroky)

Feature photo of Doug Kurk with a male paddlefish taken by Glenn Siroky.