Kayaker Lands 12lb Walleye on Canyon Ferry
By Kamp Cook

Posted: June 15, 2017

When it comes to fishing, it doesn’t matter how you get to the fish, as long as you get there. Pat Grantham of Clancy, was recently fishing from his kayak on the water at Canyon Ferry. He wasn’t going after trophies, just some decent walleye to cook up for dinner. Little did he know he was about to hook into a PIG.

According to the Helena Independent

Grantham put into the Missouri River near Cottonwood Recreation Area at the south end of Canyon Ferry Reservoir, just outside Townsend. Soon, he found a likely looking spot with his fish finder where there was a depth change from 3 feet to about 7 feet. He anchored up, put a worm harness out on one rod and began to work a jig with the other.

At first, Pat thought he may have hooked into a carp. But, that was not the case when he saw the dorsal fins and color of a 12lb walleye come to the surface. He somehow managed to land the fish and load it into his small kayak. Grantham then paddled back to shore, and made his way to Silos Marina to weigh her.

12.35 LBS

Experts are saying that the fish may be as old as 30 years.

Nice work Pat, from the MORS