Walleye Fishing Was Good First Week in June on Peck
By angelamontana

Posted: June 13, 2017

The Captain headed over to Fort Peck last week to try his luck walleye fishing with some family and friends. They based out of Hell Creek Marina where the Captain broadcast his show last Saturday, thanks to Clint and Deb Thomas the owners of the marina. Incidentally it also happened to be the Thomas’s anniversary that day too! The week provided some great fishing and some laughs as Joe Herbold the MT Walleye Gov Cup MC and Curley Olson from Lewistown stop by the camp to say hello.

It was windy off and on for most of the week. Pretty much normal for Fort Peck. The fishing was better west by Bone Trail than it was on Snow Creek and Sutherland for the Captain. It was a Minnow and crawler bite for the most part. Leeches were effective in the afternoons. They fished in 13-16 feet of water and mostly on the wind swept main points of the lake. Oddly enough the water temperature was cooler in the bays than it was on the main lake. The walleyes were being targeted by the Captain but they caught their fair share of northern pike too. The Captain mainly pulls bottom bouncers with a slow death hook and a corky and small smiley blade. Other set ups on the boat that were successful was the traditional crawler harness with a spinner blade and a single hook with a corky and small smiley blade tipped with a minnow.

The Captain actually had real good luck for the first few days with a UV love blade/orange corky and slow death. The general consensus is color didn’t matter as long as you put your offering in front of the fish. Sunday was fun fishing for the Captain and his brother Dan as Kelley Burke and his son Nik joined them in the boat. It was windy but they managed to catch some nice walleyes and a crappie. Dan caught the biggest fish at 25 inches which was netted by Nik. Fishing is expected to only get better, if that is possible on Fort Peck as the water warms up in the next few weeks.


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