There Are at least 20 Wildfires Burning Up Montana Right Now
By angelamontana

Posted: July 31, 2017

For those of you wanting to keep track of just how much of Montana is burning as of the afternoon of Sunday, July 30th, here is a list of current wildfires in Montana….For the latest information, visit InciWeb.

  1. Incident: Bruner Mountain Fire Wildfire
  2. Incident: Buffalo Fire Wildfire
  3. Incident: Alice Creek Fire Wildfire
  4. Incident: Rice Ridge Fire Wildfire
  5. Incident: Lodgepole Complex Wildfire
  6. Incident: Burdette Fire Wildfire
  7. Incident: Monahan Fire Wildfire
  8. Incident: Sunrise Fire Wildfire
  9. Incident: Goat Creek Fire Wildfire
  10. Incident: Meyers Fire Wildfire
  11. Incident: Arrastra Creek Fire Wildfire
  12. Incident: Dominic Butte Wildfire
  13. Incident: Crying Fire Wildfire
  14. Incident: Whetstone Ridge Fire Wildfire
  15. Incident: Lolo Peak Fire Wildfire
  16. Incident: Park Creek Fire Wildfire
  17. Incident: Sapphire Complex Wildfire
  18. Incident: Tongue River Complex Wildfire
  19. Incident: Blue Ridge Complex Wildfire
  20. Incident: July Fire Wildfire

Our thoughts and prayers are with all who are affected by any of these fires, and a huge amount of thanks to all who are fighting these fires.  Thank goodness the government reversed their decision in aiding Montana with fighting these fires. Click here for details.