Big Hole Fishing Report from Montana Troutfitters: 7.2.17
By angelamontana

Posted: July 3, 2017

Big Hole Fishing Report from Montana Troutfitters:

​The Salmon flies are gone and passed but there may still be a residual bite out there. A red chubby or a bigger stimulator will pick up some fish. This is a good time of year to fish the faster water and middle of the river. Dry dropper rigs rain supreme this time of year with a great rig being a small chubby with a PMD nymph behind it or a yellow sally nymph. Mornings and evenings will still fish best as we approach the heart of summer. Rubber legs are still a good nymph over here all summer with smaller flashy caddis pupas or mayfly nymphs below them. The PMD’s and sallies have been out in the mornings and a few PMD’s in the evenings. The caddis are also out thick in the evenings. A caddis pupa can be a good option. Yellow streamers in the evenings can be deadly worked close to the bank. If fishing gets tough though it pays to get out and work the likely holding lies. The water is finally down to a wadeable level. Take caution however, this river is notorious for being difficult to wade. The rocks are slippery and perfectly sized to compromise balance.


Dries| Low-Rider: 20-22, Z-Lon Midge: 20-22, Elk Hair Caddis: 12-14-16, Missing Link Caddis: 14-16, AC Caddis: 14-16, X Caddis: 14-16-18, Flutter Bug: 4-6, Cat Puke: 4, Dog Puke: 4, Grillo’s Palamino: 4-6

Nymphs| Serengold: Olive 14-16, G6 Caddis: Amber: 14-16, Edible Emerger: Tan 14-16, Electric Butt Caddis Pupa: Olive & Tan 14-16, Rubberlegs Olive, Olive/Brown: 6-8-10, Ugly Bug: 4-6-8, Mega Hares Ears:Olive Crystal Bugger 6-10 6-8 Red Belly Yuk Bug: 2-4 Coppertone Delektable: 6-8 Lightning Bug Pearl, Gold, Purple: 14-16 IED Worm: 10 Copper Johnson Yellow, Red, Blue: 12-14-16-18 BHFBPT: 12-14-16

Streamers| JJ Special: 4- 6 Sculpzilla’s Tan, Olive, Black: size 4-6 Haymaker Sculpin Olive, Brown: 4 Bellyache Minnow Tan, Olive: 1/0-1 Micro Zonker Tan, Olive, Black: 8 Fatheads Yellow: 2 Sex Dungeon Yellow, Rust, Natural: 2 Home Invader Yellow, Olive Space Invader: 2 Flash Fry Brown & Yellow: 2 Space Invader Brown Yellow, Tan: 2-4-6; Brown/Copper Sparkle Minnow 4-6


(Feature photo via Silver Bow Club)