Only ONCE! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: July 26, 2017

There is a first time for everything. Often, the first time is the best time. Sometimes, the next time is just as good. Time and time again, things can just get even better. The thing is, there can only be one first time!

Catching your “first” fish, shooting your first buck, calling in your first flock of geese, bugling in your first Bull Elk, are just a few of the “firsts”, every sportsman needs to place on their Bucket lists. The “first” may not be the biggest, or best, but it will always be the “first”!

Memories are sharp and clear when it comes to ”firsts”. No story enhancements are needed. Telling lies or embellishments are easily forgotten. First truths are always accurate. We can close our eyes and vividly sense, and remember, every aspect of our “firsts”. The sounds, smells, images, and feelings remain strong. The stories remain the same.

The best way to know if your buddy is telling you a story and not the “true” story, about their ‘firsts”, is to pay attention to the details. One of my friends has a lot of great stories. Some seemed like pretty tall tales until I heard them repeated many times. Occasionally, witnesses also told the same story. The truth is simply the truth. If the story and details change. You will be the first to know.

“Firsts” are most important to the sportsman and their sporting friends. Wives, acquaintances, friends, and others may disagree on what “firsts” should be first. Sportsmen can remember every big finned, feathered, antlered, and horned moment of their lives. They often struggle to remember birthdays, anniversaries, and other events.

First kisses, friends, lovers, and family events are important too but, sportsmen are often sportsman first. It is not that these important folks and events don’t come first but…

It could be worse. Hunters and fishermen are adventurers, pioneers, providers, fit, honest, and proud. These are all fine qualities and traits. They help to define what priorities are first and foremost in life. Sportsmen make wonderful parents, spouses, and friends.

 Always be patient with your sportsmen friends. They mean well. Fish filets and fresh meat are their way to say thanks. Their calm demeanor and happy minds are a result of the stress release form their catch or harvest. If you become stranded, shipwrecked, homeless, or disaster strikes, sportsmen are survivors.

Sportsmen may always be late, forgetful, and frustrating, but they will always be first in your hearts.

There is a first time for everything, just once!

Montana Grant

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