What Happens After a Tick Feasts? [VIDEO]
By angelamontana

Posted: August 7, 2017

Emma Mueller is a vet tech who experimented a bit with a tick.  She posted her experiment on Facebook, and it has gone viral.  A tick was removed from a dog and she kept the tick to see how long the creepy crawlies live after sucking blood from a living thing.  Well, this one, as you can see by the photo above and the video below, got HUGE and …just read her post.  Regardless of the type of ticks you have in your area, make sure you protect your family – two and four-legged family members!

Remember my tick from May??? Well after a few months after she had eaten her blood meal (we removed her from a Dog) — she exploded with thousands upon thousands of eggs which turned into 6 legged larva!!! (Eggs become 6 legged larva–nymphs and adults have 8 legs) Keep in mind she never left this cup for two months.. think of what they do when they drop off in your house..use flea and tick preventative on your pets! **Many have asked -“Why?!” I was very curious how long they could live after a blood meal. Being a certified veterinary technician, I’ve seen many in clinic. “Tickles” (American dog tick) was the biggest one I’ve seen to this day! Curiosity then blossomed into client education (and pet owners that I’ll never meet around the world 😊) ! There is more than just Lyme disease that ticks can carry! Talk with your veterinarian and if your pets are not on a preventative–I strongly encourage it- this experiment is why!