Reminder to Sportsmen — Beware of Grizzlies
By angelamontana

Posted: August 29, 2017

As usual, hunters, anglers and trappers should be very aware of grizzly bear sign where you are doing your thing.  We know you know this, but sometimes a reminder can be the difference that keeps something like that in the forefront of your mind.  There are a lot of grizzlies in Montana, and they don’t mind free meals that hunters provide for them, either, so if you’re skinning out an animal or cleaning fish, remember to be aware that the blood scent could possibly attract grizzlies and other predators.

Below is some footage of a grizzly caught on a trail cam in a Montana resident’s backyard–and this was from three years ago.   More and more sightings and attacks are being reported, so it can’t be emphasized enough to even expect an encounter with a predator.

Regardless of what you’re doing out there in the wilderness, be careful and aware of your surroundings sand the wildlife that live in it.  Please!

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