Shake up in the state parks board
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: August 26, 2017

From the Office of the Governor

Governor Steve Bullock today announced he is directing the Montana State Parks and Recreation Board to develop a “Parks in Focus” initiative to identify long-term solutions to the opportunities and challenges faced by Montana’s State Parks system.

“Montanans value our public lands and the amazing outdoor recreational opportunities those lands provide. Montana’s state parks provide family recreational and educational experiences as well as public access to key waters across the state,” said Governor Bullock. “Our State Parks are one of the many ways we access public lands, and a vibrant State Parks system is an important part of our heritage and our economy.”

“Parks in Focus” will leverage relevant expertise to conduct research, support transparent engagement and ultimately deliver and begin implementation of a set of recommendations that build from the Parks 2020 strategic vision. In a memo sent to Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks Director Martha Williams, Bullock asked members of the Montana State Parks and Recreation Board to work with new Board members to develop the “Parks in Focus” Initiative.

“The strength of our State Parks system ultimately contributes to enhancing our quality of life and our outdoor recreation economy and thus our commitment to a shared vision for the future of our Parks must be made by all Montanans who care about the resources under stewardship of the Department,” Bullock wrote in the memo.

Bullock’s memo coincides with the announcement of several new members of the Parks Board and the departure of chair and co-chair of the Board, Tom Towe and Mary Sexton, as well as Diane Conradi and Douglas Smith.

“Tom Towe and Mary Sexton have provided great leadership through their commitment to always protect our public lands and to strengthen opportunities for Montanans to recreate and for outdoor businesses to thrive,” said Bullock. ​”I want to thank them for their passion for the Parks system during their time of service.”

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