Archery Elk Success!
By angelamontana

Posted: September 26, 2017

Jeromy Moore, of Missoula, found himself in quite the awesome “predicament” last week and ended up bringing home one beautiful bull!

Check out his story in his words:

On day 5 of my vacation, I found myself in a predicament. 45 minutes left of daylight, I spotted a nice muley buck on the horizon a mile away. I opted out of the stock on the buck because of the slim chance of getting a shot opportunity before darkness. While watching the buck through my binos, I caught movement in the bottom of my sight picture and immediately recognized the top half of an elk rack feeding half a mile away. I took off at a sprint for the group of trees I figured this bull was heading into. Once at the edge of the timber, I nocked an arrow and scanned the small group of trees as I snuck along. I spotted the bull in the wide open 150 yds away, got a tree between us, gained another 70 yds, dropped my pack, grabbed a couple ranges, and let out a cow call. Next thing I know 2 bulls trotting in at 80 yards. I cow called again at 40 yds, the bull stopped and faced me. The bull on the left had some funky stuff going on his rack but the one on the right was a bit bigger. They started walking again, cow called, he faced me again and I buried my fletching at 40 yds. I watched him expire 90 yds away. The whole event only lasted 10 minutes and last load of meat hit the tailgate 6 hrs later. What a solo hunt it has been. #hoytarchery #solohunter #woreout #ieatelk #hoytcarbonelement #bowkill #thanksbrotherforbuildingmeagreatbow #realhunting

Congratulations from the Montana Outdoor Radio Show crew!