Dennis’s Dinghy! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: September 25, 2017

Size does not always matter when it comes to boats! There are certainly an ocean of boat styles and sizes to choose from. Anyone that has lived near water has had a flotilla of boats.

My friend Dennis, has a growing fleet of boats. As a child, many of Dennis’s favorite memories were with his Dad on the water. He continues to navigate life finding joy afloat. The other day, I saw Dennis heading out onto the water. He only had a small cooler and a couple rods. Not the usual boat hitched to his truck. Instead, he was going to use a different craft.

Dennis’s Dinghy is small! The inflated, Zodiac style boat, has a small kicker motor on the back. A Big Man can stretch out and touch both ends. On a calm day, Dennis’s Dinghy will safely get you where you need to go. It may not be an oceangoing craft, but it is certainly fine for inland waters.

Dennis’s small dinghy makes less noise, and wakes, which can scare off fish. Small crafts also can navigate in shallow water. Using these boats can be a great advantage. Stealth is important for fishing and hunting.

“I just wanted to practice using my dinghy.”, is what Dennis said. Many boaters have dinghy’s and small boats for emergencies, and have never used them. What is the point of having a boat, RV, or outdoor toy, if it just sits.  Use it or lose it!

Dennis climbed aboard his small dinghy and headed out to fish. The craft handled perfectly and Dennis was soon into a nice keeper striper! Sitting back, puffing on a cigar, and enjoying a refreshment, was comfortable in his small dinghy. The size of the fish you catch matters more than how big your boat is.

Whatever floats your boat!

Montana Grant

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