Opening Day Archery Success from the Past
By angelamontana

Posted: September 4, 2017

We are on the tail end of Montana’s opening weekend for archery season, also being a long holiday weekend, and we have some photos from successful hunters of the past to get you pumped.  These photos from Hunting in Montana are all from the 2015 archery season.   Congratulations to all of these hunters and the currently successful and not successful hunters out there who braved the heat to try and fill the freezer!

Here’s a throwback of Kevin Effertz with his bull he shot at 42 yards on opening day of archery season in 2015.  Nice!!!

Mike Wilson shot this beauty at just 10 yards during the 2015 archery season:

Here is Chad Carmichael’s spot and stalk whitetail on public land also from the 2015 archery season. He was in full velvet 45 mins prior to Carmichael shooting him. Wow!

Matthew Fitzgerald got this bull 2015 archery season Blackfeet reservation in Montana at 61 yards.  He was fighting another bull.  Nice!!

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